How is MOM and YOY calculated?

MOM, Month over Month, and YOY, Year over Year, are based on gross activations for the month. These stats show how many activations you had the prior month, to the one selected, and the percentage change. Please note, Month over Month is calculated Month to Date over the prior MTD, and Year over Year is calculated Month to Date over the prior year MTD.

What can you conclude from this metric?

From this report, you can easily conclude how activations are doing for the current month to date or year to date versus the prior MTD or YTD. With this, you can devise what strategies led to successes or failures.

Where can you find your MOM and YOY?

You can find your Month over Month and Year over Year stats in the DLAR report.

How to Improve Your MOM and YOY:

Here are a few tips and tricks for increasing your numbers.

  • Marketing – If you are not reaching out to your recent new activations or loyal customers, you will quickly be forgotten or put at the bottom of their to-do list.

  • Qualifying Customers – Understand every customers’ needs through consultative selling. This is applied with knowing every detail of available offers, thorough conversations with customers, and following up with the perfect solution.

  • Sales Tactics – What worked this week, may not work the next and so on. The customer’s purchasing habits change daily and using tools like DLAR and Plans Dashboard helps you understand when it is time to change tactics.

  • Store Focus and Goals – Looking at MOM and YOY allow you to more accurately align your goals with your market trends. Once aligned, more accurate goals can be made. Combined with store accountability, you have a recipe for success.

  • Employee Training – Everyone always needs to learn something new, and that doesn’t exclude your locations. Refresh or revisit training and best practices when a location seems to be falling short of its goals.

Maximize Sales and Things to Remember:

The greater understanding you have of what happened in months or years prior, the more it will put you ahead of the curve. If you see that last month you were up, maybe you need to revisit the tactics used then to bring you back up. If this time last year you were down, keep doing what you are doing and break your sales goals! Although, remember business has cycles of high and low months, utilizing this report can help decipher if a normally low month is worse than expected.

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