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Using Reporting Filters
Using Reporting Filters

Find what data you need, quickly and precisely in Elevate GO DLAR

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Elevate GO DLAR reports are equipped with an incredible amount of data on your locations, their operations Month to Date, and beyond. It can be quite overwhelming to look over all the simplified DLAR data provided on Elevate GO. That's how report filters become a lifeline in understanding the sea of information. Let's take a look at how to use them to your benefit!

When opening up a DLAR report, the filters will be at the top, just below the report title. You will discover that a majority of the filters are similar from report to report, with a few variations. Looking at the regular DLAR you will find these key filters.

Take a moment to explore each filter by clicking on it, and viewing all the options given to you. Multiple filters can be selected at once, even from the same category! Remember, filter changes in the report will not take effect until you click UPDATE!

Notice Below, we used the Month, Door Type, Markets, and Regions filters to focus our data to 3 locations rather than all 25 locations on the account. This can be a crucial tool in comparing locations, markets, or store types' numbers to see if there are patterns of profitability or loss.

Don't forget, filters can vary from report to report. For example, Opening Date has an Opening Month Filter, Plans Dashboard as a Year Filter, and Daily Sales Dashboard has a Date Range Filter. Also, some reports may have fewer filters depending on what data points are being conveyed.

Tips on Suggested Uses

For DDP and Boost Reps: Use these filters in DLAR reports when doing account management, to gain further insight into a locations' outliers and successes. You can quickly spot trends in similar markets, door types, and more.

For Dealers: Be able to analyze and compare your locations to a greater extent using filters. Discover trends or patterns in the MTD data of the locations, to make precise moves to rectify or capitalize on!

For Sales Reps: Take a look at how your location compares to those in your market. Work cooperatively by discussing future marketing plans or initiatives, and break some sales records.

For further questions, check out the rest of the Help Center. If you have a specific question, reach out via phone or email at 877.839.8777

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