How is RPL calculated?

RPL or Replenishment, otherwise known as payments, is total payments made towards a plan by a customer at your location within the month.

What can you conclude from this metric?

Looking at your RPL, you can see how many payments have been made in a specific location or across your locations in total. When looked at comparatively with other sales, ratios can be created and used to discover opportunities.

Where can you find your RPL?

In Elevate GO, you head over to the checkered flag. From there, RPLs can be found in most DLAR reports.

How to Improve RPL percentage:

A good first step is to focus on qualifying customers through consultative selling. When rushing through getting payments in or getting the customer out the door, you are missing the opportunity for further sales (AAL, Accessories, and more). More importantly, relational interactions lead to more payments which may seem counterintuitive at first. Although, the more time and information you invest in every customer, the more likely they are going to come back to continue payments, add lines, and buy accessories.

Track RPL and Maximize Sales:

Comparing RPL percentage to other stats can provide a unique insight into how closely related payments are to all other sales. An effective RPL strategy is mutually beneficial to Activations, Upgrades, Accessory Sales, and more. Here are some ways to maximize replenishment customers.

  • Accessory Sales – The easiest upsell is when someone comes in to make a payment and you offer them a deal on accessories. You can see how well you are capitalizing on these prospects by comparing the dollar amounts sold over payments.

  • Customer Loyalty – The number one way to improve payments is to create strong customer loyalty, to improve customer loyalty focus on qualifying each customer. Take time to understand each customers’ needs with consultative selling, and give them the assurance they are getting exactly what they need.

  • Upgrades – When making a payment, qualify the customer with detailed questions to see if they need an upgrade or can take advantage of a current promo. Use this opportunity to mention Boost Up to reward the most loyal customers.

  • New Activations – In the ever-changing world of your customers, who knows when someone will come in and need another line. New family members or friends always create new opportunities for you to activate a new line and for them to save money!

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