Setting up your trial account

Helpful guides to get you set up on your trial

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Rolling out Breathe

How to get Breathe up and running

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Core HR

Core HR management articles covering people, leave, performance, and more

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Rota, Time & Attendance

All you need to get started with Breathe's RTA module

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Mobile app

Stay connected and manage HR tasks on the go with Breathe's user-friendly mobile app

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Employee user guide

A collection to help employees navigate and utilise Breathe's HR system effectively

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Learn - HR

The Learn HR module offers a number of training courses designed for employees

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Expenses - HR

Enjoy ultimate control over business expenses with Breathe's Expense HR module

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Recruitment - HR

Create and share new vacancies with Breathe's Recruitment HR module

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Onboarding - HR

Create onboarding tasks and assign these to new starters with Breathe's Onboarding HR module

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Integrate Breathe with other software and tools to enhance productivity and streamline processes

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Account management

All the information you need to manage your Breathe account

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Breathe partners

Explore articles and information tailored for Breathe Partners

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FAQs and system updates

Our commonly-asked questions, as well as Breathe updates

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Refer a friend

Spread the software love with a 15% discount for 6 months and refer a friend to Breathe to win prizes

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