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Onboarding tasks module

Introducing the onboarding tasks module

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This guide is for Admin users, HR users & line managers

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How does this feature work?

The onboarding tasks module simplifies the process of onboarding new employees and streamlines task assignments across your business.

In this guide, you'll learn how to effectively utilise this feature to get new starters up & running quickly.

The onboarding tasks module allows you to create customised onboarding tasks and assign them to employees.

Included in this guide:

  1. Enabling the onboarding tasks module

  2. Creating onboarding tasks

  3. Assigning onboarding tasks to your people

  4. Reviewing and approving completed tasks

  5. Reporting on onboarding tasks

Enabling the onboarding tasks module

To enable this module, follow these steps within your Breathe subscription: Configure > Settings > Modules > Included modules > Onboarding tasks.

You can add a department tag against an onboarding task to make it easier to categorise and assign onboarding tasks by department.

Creating onboarding tasks

Before assigning tasks, you'll need to create your own custom onboarding tasks by going to: Company > Onboarding tasks > +

Assigning onboarding tasks to your people

  1. Once you've created a task, it's time to assign it to your team members. Here's how:

  2. Go to the profile of the person you want to assign the task to.

  3. Select More > Onboarding tasks > +

  4. Choose the task from the 'Onboarding task' drop-down menu.

  5. Specify who should complete the task: the employee, their line manager, or a member of the HR team.

  6. Set the due date and click 'assign task.' The task will appear on the employee's dashboard for completion.

You can also bulk assign onboarding tasks to an employee by following the steps in the guide below:

What happens next?

Once a task is assigned, it will appear on the employee's personal dashboard as a task to complete. Line managers and HR team members will find their assigned tasks on their respective dashboards for review and completion.

Reviewing & approving completed tasks

When tasks are completed, they'll appear on the line manager's dashboard for review and approval. Line managers can view task details and mark tasks as complete.


Within the reports section, you can pull a useful report of all onboarding tasks that have been completed. This can be found by going to Reports > People records > Onboarding tasks.

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