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What are the platform fees?
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In order to operate and continuously invest in our platform, a percentage of what the parent pays for their booking is payable to Bubble as a platform fee.

The fee is deducted at the end of every booking as a percentage of the booking value, and the precise amount depends on two things:

  1. How many times the babysitter has worked for this specific parent before,

  2. Whether the sitter is currently a Super Sitter or not.

The platform fee structure is as follows:

1st booking with a new client

All future bookings with that client

Regular Sitter



Super Sitter



Some additional points:

  • There is no platform fee charged against any tips that a parent chooses to pay their sitter.

  • When a sitter refers a parent, there are no sitter platform fees charged against those bookings.

  • In newer Bubble towns and cities, the platform fee payable may be lower than the standard rates. You'll see this on the app's main menu under Platform fees if applicable.

Show me an example please!

Using a £40 booking as an example, here is the platform fee applied in each variation.

First booking between a parent and a sitter

All future bookings between the same parent and sitter

Regular Sitter

£10 (25%)

£2.40 (6%)

Super Sitter

£8 (20%)

£1.40 (3.5%)

​What do the platform fees pay for?

  • Sitter profile verification

  • Marketing to families and bringing them to the app

  • Customer support from real humans

  • Secure payments

  • £1m booking insurance

  • Building, maintaining and improving our technology platform, that helps sitters win more work and earn more money in a flexible and secure way.

Got more questions?

We hope this guide is clear but if not, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email with any questions or feedback to

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