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Upcoming Sit: Best Practice For Parents
Upcoming Sit: Best Practice For Parents
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When it comes to your first sit, we know that parents sometimes feel a little nervous about what’s expected of them and how everything will go. We’ve put together some top tips for you to follow when booking your first sit, so that you can enjoy your time to yourself without any last-minute stress:

  1. Check in with your sitter beforehand. Communication is always key to making both you and the sitter feel comfortable. Sending them a quick message to say hi in the in-app chat is a great way to break the ice!

  2. Share your expectations. Sitters love to know in advance what you'll need them to do on a sit, so if you have any specific requirements be sure to share them beforehand. Let them know a bit about your kids too – it helps them come prepared.

  3. Make them feel at home. Show them around when they arrive, and highlight where the important things are (e.g. the favourite toys, the kids' rooms and the wifi code if they need the internet).

  4. Keep them updated. Running late is usually fine – and sometimes unavoidable. Sitters are generally flexible and are often willing to stay on a bit later, but they always appreciate you letting them know as early as possible.

  5. Relax and enjoy! You’ve booked a trusted sitter who fits your family’s needs, so now you can enjoy the well-deserved time off. There’s no need for last-minute dashes to cash machines – Bubble is 100% cash-free.

We hope that these tips helped, and that you’re looking forward to a great sit ahead. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us through the in-app Live Chat or drop us an email at


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