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Cancelling on a Parent: Our Policy
Cancelling on a Parent: Our Policy
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Providing parents with a best-in-class, reliable childcare platform is crucial in attracting more of them to provide the babysitters on our platform with more job opportunities.

Putting steps in place to avoid sits being cancelled is therefore extremely important and below, are the guidelines our customer service team references in the event of a sitter cancelling a confirmed sit.

Sitters on Bubble should read the sit requirements carefully and be 100% sure they can make it, before accepting a sit request.

  • Sitters that cancel on a parent on the day of the sit (or within 24 hours of the sit starting) will have their profiles switched off (in the case of an emergency, they should contact our support team at to appeal this.)

  • Sitters that cancel 3 times within any 3 month period will have their profiles switched off.

  • Sitters that do not show up for a confirmed sit, without ensuring that the parent is informed first, will have their profiles switched off.

  • Multiple cancellations may result in a sitter profile being suspended for a set period of time or being permanently deactivated.

Obviously, some cancellations are unavoidable and we will of course apply common sense in situations like this. If you’ve had to cancel for what you believe is an emergency situation out of your control then please do get in touch with us to let us know what happened at

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