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Why is there an unexpected charge from my card? (Pre-Authorisation)
Why is there an unexpected charge from my card? (Pre-Authorisation)
Updated over a week ago

Before a sit starts, we ‘pre-authorise’ your stored payment card with the amount of £1 as a security check.

Please be assured – no money has been taken, nor will be taken, from your account until the end of the sit and it will only be for the amount actually owed. This pre-authorisation will appear on your online card/bank statement until payment for the correct amount has been completed, at which point the pre-authorisation will be expired by your bank.

Just to further reassure you, a pre-authorisation is something done by 1000s of businesses across the UK who accept card transactions online and helps to prevent against fraudulent use of the card.

If you have any further questions or concerns please get in touch at

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