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Phone book integration: The what and the why
Phone book integration: The what and the why
Updated over a week ago

Giving Bubble access to your phone's address book is another way to get better connected to babysitters on the app.

Bubble uses this information to try and find babysitters for you with mutual friends in common. We do this because as parents ourselves we know that when it comes to finding a trusted babysitter, it is the recommendation of friends that matters most.

We will never use this information to market to your friends and nobody has visibility of your contacts list.

If you do share a mutual phone book contact with a babysitter, you'll be able to see this when viewing their profile. And likewise when they receive a request from you, they'll be able to see this too.

To integrate your address book - or to refresh it - simply go to My Friends on the homepage, tap Connect with Friends and tap the My Contacts button. That's it!

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