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How does Bubble connect me to babysitters?
How does Bubble connect me to babysitters?
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The beauty with Bubble is that our app will show you when you know a babysitter via mutual friends.

Why do we do this? Because as parents ourselves we know that when finding a trusted babysitter, recommendations from our friends and family - the people we trust - are so important.

When you're reviewing the profile of a babysitter in the app, you'll be able to see whether you are connected to them via mutual friends.

Tap on the mutual friends button and you'll be able to see this chain of connection - and even message your friends in the chain if you wish!

How do we do this?

Bubble uses a few different data points to make these connections. The more data points you give us access to, the better we can connect you and the bigger your trusted sitter network on the app is going to be.

the data points we use are:

  • Facebook mutual friends

  • Address book contacts

  • School & nurseries

  • And sitters you've previously used before in the app

Go here for more information on the Facebook integration

Here for more on the address book integration

And here for how we use schools and nurseries to connect you.

Want to find a trusted babysitter? Download Bubble for FREE here.

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