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Do I have to pay if I need to cancel the sit?
Do I have to pay if I need to cancel the sit?
Updated over a week ago

To cancel a confirmed sit, simply go into the app and via the My Sits section you'll be able to get onto the specific booking page.

There's an option at the bottom to cancel the booking and message the babysitter.

If you cancel a sit with less than 6 hours’ notice, a minimum cancellation payment of 50% of the total sit value will automatically be applied and paid to the sitter. You can pay more if you choose to, but we want to make sure sitters are paid fairly for their time if cancelled on at short notice.

If you cancel with more than 6 hours' notice, you are not forced to make a cancellation payment — however, the app does offer you a very easy way to make a goodwill payment instead.

Bubble is a marketplace — a community — and thrives when both sides treat each other fairly and with respect. Our job is to provide our customers the tools that makes it super-easy for them to do that, and our cancellation policy is an example of that.

When cancelling your sit within 24 hours, the Bubble booking fee of £1.99 will still be charged if you're not a Bubble Plus subscriber.

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