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Your profile: what information is shared
Your profile: what information is shared
Updated over a week ago

Your profile on Bubble is not a public profile in that it is not freely visible to other parents or babysitters on the app.

Your profile only becomes temporarily visible to the babysitters you send a request to.

When you request a sitter they are able to see;

  • the bio you've written up

  • your profile photo

  • any mutual connections they share with you

  • your reviews from other sitters you've used

  • how many kids you have

  • if you have or don't have wifi or pets.

  • your % rating

You can fill this out via the 'about me' section just off the main menu.

Sitters are only able to see your full address when a sit is confirmed.

For security reasons, you are only able to send out booking requests on Bubble once you have uploaded a profile photo to the app.

You can read more about the importance of a good profile photo here and go here for some tips about writing a good bio.

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