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Picking the right babysitter is a personal decision and of course, nobody is a better judge than you in terms of what’s best for you and your kids. Having said that, as parents ourselves, and having spoken to many others on the subject(!), we’ve come up with some general guidelines and measures you can take to help ensure everyone on Bubble stays safe.

When using a babysitter for the first time on the app:

Read their reviews: If they’ve done sits before on Bubble, you can see the reviews left by other parents on the app and even message those parents if you like for more info. If they’re new to the app and yet to do a sit, feel free to ask them for a reference the old fashioned way!

Ask any friends who know them: Bubble will show you whether you have any mutual friends in common with the babysitter so absolutely use this tool to get a vouch on the sitter from the people your trust.

Check their documents: If the babysitter has stated on their profile that they hold any certificates, such as First Aid or DBS/CRB, then feel free to ask them to bring it with them to the sit.

Book them a bit early: We often see parents do this when using a sitter for the first time - especially if the kids are awake. An hour, or even 30 minutes for the sitter, your kids and you to get to know each other before you need to leave is a great way for getting everyone more comfortable.

Arrange a meet-up: Feel free to ask your sitter whether they’d be willing to meet up with you before the sit. Especially if you’re looking for a longer term arrangement as opposed to a one-off. Just be aware they (and we!) think it’s only fair to pay them for their time :-)

Stay local: If you’re not used to leaving your kids with someone else and/or you’re using a sitter for the first time, it can be a good idea to stay local for that initial sit. And, you may also want to ensure that until everyone’s totally familiar with each other, the sits only take place at your home. We see quite a few parents using this tactic to help them, the sitter and their kids get comfortable with each other before becoming more adventurous!

Importantly, don’t be shy about asking for the information you need to feel comfortable with the sitter you’ve chosen. None of the requests above will come as a shock to your babysitter and they should be happy to oblige. If they’re not, then don’t feel bad about moving on and choosing someone else who will!

It’s also important to note, that Bubble is not an agency for babysitters or nannies and we do not employ or recommend the babysitters on our platform. It is the Mums and Dads on Bubble’s marketplace who are choosing which babysitters to interact with, so taking the steps you need to feel comfortable with your choice is definitely worthwhile.

Also, ensuring the parents and babysitters on Bubble fully understand Bubble’s approach to trust is hugely important to us and you can read up on this - in plain english - here.

If you’ve any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

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