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The difference between Single Sit and Direct Bookings
The difference between Single Sit and Direct Bookings
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With the Browse, Favourites, Sitter Lookup and Meet the Locals features, a parent can search for a sitter specifically by name or swipe through babysitter profiles in their area, selecting the specific babysitters they wish to send a booking request to. If using Browse or Meet the Locals, parents can send their requests out to one sitter or many, with the first to accept the job, getting the job.

Babysitters have an availability calendar in their app, and the sitters a parent sees in their search will be those that have told the app they're available at that time.

Once the parent sends their request out, it's up to the babysitters to respond to the request, and hopefully accept it. At which point, the booking is confirmed.

With the Single Sit feature, parents post their requirements and babysitters in the local area get notified, then being able to apply for the job.

The parent receives a shortlist of babysitters who want their job, and they then confirm it instantly with the one they think is right for them!

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