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The babysitter’s profile: what you can see.
The babysitter’s profile: what you can see.
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Every babysitter has their own profile on the app which you'll be able to look through, before deciding whether to book them.

When a sitter shows up in your search you'll be able to see the following about them;

  1. Their name, age and photo

  2. Credentials such as whether they have DBS certification and first aid qualifications

  3. The bio they've written including things like the other languages they can speak

  4. How they might be connected to you, via mutual friends

  5. Ratings and reviews left by other parents who’ve used them before.

Bubble allows parents to tap into the trusted sitter networks of their friends and community and parents on the app are using the mutual friends and reviews tools in particular when assessing the babysitters in their search.

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