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How do I pay for a sit?
How do I pay for a sit?

Here's some info about how payment works on Bubble

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Before a sit can be confirmed (and, in some cases, before the sit request can be sent out), parents are required to add a payment method to their profile — this is a security measure for the platform and helps us make sure sitters' payments are secure.

Bubble tracks the sit to the minute and all payment is handled seamlessly via the app. The sit will begin in the app automatically at the agreed time and, when it's over, either the you or the babysitter can “end the sit” in the app.

At this point, you will be prompted to review all timings and confirm the payment. Timings are easily editable on the payment page itself and the app will recalculate the price to pay if need be.

You're also able to add a tip or any other expenses to the sitter, in case there was anything needing to be added on top (or you just want to be nice!)

At the moment, we offer credit/debit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay as payment options — you'll see these on the pop-up menu when you tap Pay Now.

(if you don't see these options yet, please update to the latest version of the app!)

Once payment is confirmed, you will both be asked to review each other. Reviews are an important part of how the platform operates and they help inform other parents about your experience on the app.

Payment is transferred into the babysitter’s bank account within 3 working days — we'll be on hand to support if you have any issues with paying so please do get in touch via our live chat on the app!

And that’s it!

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