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Petcare: How payments work
Petcare: How payments work

Important info on changes to how payments work for Petcare bookings

Updated over a week ago

Petcare is Bubble's brand-new feature where you can find help for your favourite furry friends. It's super powerful and intuitive, helping your pets get the best care possible.

To make it as flexible as possible, we've made some important changes to how payments work for Petcare bookings.

What's changed?

The big thing is that there are no hourly rates in Petcare. Sitters instead will apply with an overall price for your booking*.

You'll see their price for your booking on their profile when they apply. Once your booking is confirmed, either you or your sitter can agree to amend the payment if required.

The agreed payment cannot be amended on the app after the booking has begun, but should the booking end later than expected, you can add an extra payment on top to cover the extra time.

All other standard fees apply.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch via Live Chat or by emailing

* An important note to make is that specifically for recurring Petcare bookings, the price given by the sitter is their cost per individual booking, not for the whole thing in one go.

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