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Bubble for Uber Drivers
Bubble for Uber Drivers

This article is for Uber drivers looking to make the most out of their Bubble benefit.

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We’re thrilled to have partnered with Uber on a groundbreaking scheme to offer free childcare to drivers on the platform. Below is some Q&A to help ensure you get the most out of this fantastic benefit.

What does the benefit entitle me to?

Uber has awarded a select group of drivers 10 hours of free childcare on the Bubble app.

As well as 10 hours of free childcare, you also get access to Bubble Plus for 6 months. This is Bubble’s premium subscription plan, and as well as some additional features it also means you don’t pay Bubble’s standard booking fees on any of your sits.

How do I access this benefit?

Uber has contacted their driver-base, asking drivers whether they want to opt in to this benefit with Bubble. As this is an initial pilot programme, the first drivers to respond are being given access. Beyond that, a waiting list of other drivers is being set up.

If you are one of the lucky few to get access, you’ll then be invited by Bubble to sign up to a Bubble account and get your free hours.

Once invited by Bubble, you’ll have 14 days to sign up to an account, before your free hours are awarded to someone else.

What if I haven’t been contacted by Uber?

We suggest you get in touch with your driver team.

How long will my 10 free hours be valid for?

You’ll get 6 months to use your 10 hours of credit before it expires.

How do I get Bubble?

Here’s what you do:

  1. Download Bubble on iOS or Android. Search “Bubble Childcare”

  2. Register your free account - it takes 1 minute

  3. Really important! Make sure you sign up with the email address you use on Uber.

And that’s it.

Your 10 free hours courtesy of Uber will be automatically added to your Bubble account.

What type of childcare can I book on Bubble?

Bubble is exclusively for booking babysitters and nannies to look after your children in your own home. It isn’t a childminding or nursery service, where your kids are looked after at someone else’s home or premises.

Thousands of parents use Bubble to book amazing in-home childcare, easily, flexibly and affordably.

You can book someone even at short notice to come over and look after your kids, even if it’s just for a few hours.

How do I make a booking?

Once you’re signed in and set up with your account, you’ll see that the app has a few different booking options. However most common is the Post a Job function, where you create your request and have local babysitters apply to the job.

You always get the chance to go through their profiles, review their experience and ratings, and chat to them in the app if needed.

Once you find someone you like, you just confirm the sit and you’re good to go.

How does payment work?

The Bubble app tracks your sit to the minute and you pay for your sit securely and seamlessly in the app.

All sitters on the app set their own hourly rate and you’ll see this when booking them - but remember, you’re getting 10 hours paid for by Uber. So when you end your sit and are presented with your receipt, the app will automatically knock these free hours off your total bill.

How are the sitters on Bubble vetted?

Every babysitter on the platform goes through a thorough screening and onboarding process that includes identity checks, reference checks and online background checks.

What’s more, the app will show you on their profile whether they’ve completed some additional checks, such as an enhanced DBS check or video interview with our team.

And what parents really value most is our review system. You’ll get to read the sitter’s reviews from other local families, and even chat to those families in the app if you want to ask some more questions.

Crucially, you are always in total control of who you choose to book on Bubble. When you post a request you’re not committing to booking anyone. You only do this once you’ve reviewed your applicants and seen someone you love and want to book.

What if I want to use more than 10 hours?

No problem at all. You’ll be able to make as many bookings as you like, just note that it’ll just be those first 10 hours that’ll be paid for by Uber.

Does Bubble operate across the UK?

Yes we do. London and the South East is our strongest area in terms of sitter supply, however every day we are supporting parents in places like Edinburgh, Manchester, Bath, Bristol, Brighton and more.

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