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How do I use my VALUEclub card and vouchers?
How do I use my VALUEclub card and vouchers?
Updated over a week ago

Your VALUEclub card.

When shopping Same Day Groceries with buymie via the Dunnes Stores App, your VALUEclub card linked to the account you're logged into on the app will be automatically shared with the buymie personal shopper assigned to fulfil your order.

Your personal shopper will scan your VALUEclub card at the till when paying for your order.*

Your VALUEclub and vouchers.

At the checkout of a Same Day Groceries order, you'll see all of your vouchers (Shop & Save, Reward, etc..) that can be applied to your order.

Applying a voucher to your order will share a copy of that voucher with your personal shopper for them to scan at the till when paying for your order.*

Voucher and Promotion Terms.

All vouchers and promotions have their own unique terms and conditions of use. We recommend you check the terms of each voucher before applying them to your order.

Product Exclusions

The following goods are excluded from the calculation when applying a voucher to your order and earning new vouchers: Alcohol products (not including non-alcoholic), tobacco products, lottery tickets, newspapers, medicines, gift cards, infant milk formula, Deposit Return Scheme deposit fees, mobile top-ups and checkout bags.

Other products and ranges may be excluded at any time and without prior notice, and such changes will be at the discretion of buymie, Dunnes Stores or as directed by Irish or EU legislation.

Have trouble with a Same Day order?

Contact us in-app or send a message to our support team at

We are here to help you with any issue you may have and will do our best to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

*Your personal shopper will be sent barcode copies of your VALUEclub card and any vouchers you apply to your Same Day Grocery order. At this time, Dunnes Stores and buymie cannot guarantee that your personal shopper will scan the provided barcodes.

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