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Deposit Return Scheme at Dunnes Stores
Deposit Return Scheme at Dunnes Stores
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From 1st February 2024, all Irish retailers will be required to charge a small deposit on bottles and cans that feature the Re-turn logo.

The deposit amount depends on the size of the container:

150ml to 500ml = 15c deposit​
500ml to 3 litres = 25c deposit​

Customers can then return their empty, clean and undamaged containers to an in-store reverse vending machine and get this deposit back as a voucher. This voucher can then be redeemed for cash at the till or used towards your grocery shopping in-store.

Unfortunately, at this time, buymie is unable to accept Re-turn vouchers, and buymie personal shoppers are unable to return bottles on your behalf.

Please also note that your Re-turn deposit fees cannot be used to reach the spend threshold of our mimum spend or €10 off €50 and €5 off €25 vouchers.


Insert empty, undamaged plastic drinks
bottles & cans with Re-turn
logo only

Voucher for deposit amount is issued

Redeem deposit voucher at till



PET Plastic Bottles, Aluminium/Steel Cans from 150ml to 3litres and only containers with the Re-turn logo and legible barcode


Please do not insert any drinks containers made of glass or products that contain milk or dairy


Based on the size of bottles/cans, drinks containers between 150ml-500ml are subject to a 15 cent deposit and drinks containers between 500ml-3litres are subject to a 25 cent deposit


How does the Deposit Return Scheme work?

The Deposit Return Scheme involves the charging of a deposit fee (either €0.15 or €0.25, depending on the size of the container) on beverages between 150ml and 3L. This deposit is refundable or can be used as payment or part payment for grocery products once the container is returned to a Reverse Vending Machine (empty, undamaged and clean).

How do I get my deposit back?

Once an empty, undamaged and clean container that you paid a deposit fee on has been returned to one of our stores’ Reverse Vending Machines, you will have the option of using the RVM voucher for a cash refund or as payment or part payment for grocery products. The terms and conditions for use of the vouchers can be found here.

What is a Reverse Vending Machine and where will I find them?

A Reverse Vending Machine is the machine which will be used to return containers included in the Deposit Return Scheme. These will be located at most Dunnes Stores outlets around the country either in the Store, in the Shopping Centre mall or in the carpark.

When can I return containers to a Reverse Vending Machine?

Reverse Vending Machines will be accessible during the opening hours of the store it is located at.

How do I use a Reverse Vending Machine?

All Reverse Vending Machines will have clear instructions on how to return containers. In summary, you will insert your container into the entrance in the front of the RVM with the barcode visible for scanning. Once the container has been accepted, you will be issued with a paper ticket used to refund your deposit fee in-store via a refund or as payment for Grocery products. The terms and conditions for use of the vouchers can be found here.

What containers can I return?

You may only return containers which you paid a deposit fee on which are clean, empty and undamaged. The barcode must be clearly legible. Not all beverage containers are returnable, so make sure to check containers prior to bringing them to the Reverse Vending Machine. Most returnable containers will have the re-turn logo on them, but when the scheme begins on February 1st there will be some containers without a re-turn logo that you will pay a deposit fee on and can then bring back to a Reverse Vending Machine.

Can I return bottles without lids?

Yes. Bottles can be returned with or without the lids.

What is the Transition Period?

Between 1 February 2024 and 31 May 2024, retailers can continue to sell products that do not bear the Re-turn logo, which are not subject to the deposit fee and that are not returnable via Reverse Vending Machines. During this time, retailers may also sell the same products which have the Re-turn logo, are subject to the deposit fee and are returnable via Reverse Vending Machines.

What do I do with containers that have not been emptied?

Containers need to be clean, empty and undamaged in order to be accepted into a Reverse Vending Machine. Customers should ensure the containers are empty on return or they will not be accepted into the Reverse Vending Machine.

Why might a container be rejected by a Reverse Vending Machine?

A container could be rejected for the following reasons:
1. The container is too big or too small (ie. outside of the 150ml - 3 litres range).
2. The container is for a dairy product or is made from glass or other unsuitable packaging.
3. The container is damaged.
4. Liquid is detected in the container.
5. The barcode is not readable, or the label has been removed.

What do I do with containers that are not accepted by the Reverse Vending Machine?

Containers not accepted by the Reverse Vending Machine are either not within the scope of the Scheme or are unacceptable due to damage/dirt/liquid contents. They should be taken back by you to be disposed of at home or properly cleaned and emptied. Stores will not have facilities to take back containers that have not been accepted by the Reverse Vending Machine.

Can I return containers purchased from other retailers to Dunnes Stores Reverse Vending Machines?


Can I use Reverse Vending Machine vouchers received from another retailer in Dunnes Stores?


Can I return drinks containers bought before the 1 February?

No. Containers purchased before the 1 February 2024 will not be part of the Scheme.

Does the Deposit amount paid by the customer count towards minimum spend promotions, for example, promotions like ‘€10 off €50’?

No, the deposit paid does not count towards a minimum spend threshold for promotions like ‘€10 off €50’. Terms and conditions of all Dunnes Stores’ promotions are available and should be checked here.

How do I redeem my voucher?

To redeem your voucher for money off your grocery products, either present your voucher to a cashier at a manned till and they will scan it for you, or you can scan it yourself at any self-service grocery checkout. The value will then be deducted from your bill and will be visible on your receipt. If you want to receive a cash refund for your voucher you will need to go to the Customer Service till and they will scan your voucher and return the cash refund to you. In order to redeem your voucher for money off groceries or for a cash refund the barcode and number must be readable.

Can I redeem the Reverse Vending Machine voucher against all Dunnes Stores Products?

The Reverse Vending Machine vouchers can be redeemed against grocery products. The Reverse Vending Machine vouchers cannot be redeemed against textile products.

Can I redeem the Reverse Vending Machine vouchers for cash from any till?

No, Reverse Vending Machine vouchers can only be redeemed for cash from the Customer Service tills.

Can I use my vouchers against online purchases?

No, Reverse Vending Machine vouchers cannot be used against online purchases for either grocery or textile products, or for products purchased through the Buymie App or Buymie Express service on the Dunnes Stores’ app.

Can I return containers manually by giving them to Dunnes Stores employees?

No, the only way to return containers in Dunnes Stores is through a Reverse Vending Machine.

If I order Groceries to be delivered will my delivery driver accept returns of in scope containers?

No, Dunnes Stores delivery drivers or buymie personal shoppers will not be accepting returns of in scope containers.

How will substitutions with Grocery online and the Deposit Return Scheme operate?

If you choose a grocery product to purchase online (or through buymie) that does not have the Deposit Return Scheme charge and it is substituted for a product with a Deposit Return Scheme charge, you will be required to pay this charge. This means your final payment total will be higher than your original online grocery basket total.

Can containers purchased in Northern Ireland be returned to stores in the Republic of Ireland?

No. Containers in Northern Ireland are not part of the Deposit Return Scheme. Containers in Northern Ireland will have different barcodes and will not carry the Re-turn logo.

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