The Buzzbassador emails are another very important part of your ambassador program structure and onboarding flow. Make sure to read this article to not only understand when these emails are sent, but also how to edit them!

What are the Buzzbassador email templates?

Application Invitation

The application invitation is a more personal way to get your application form out there (compared to the landing page).

When it is sent: When you use the "Send Link" function to manually send your application form to someone via email. You can read more here about how to use that function.

Application Accepted

This is probably one of the most important emails we offer! The application accepted email is the first 'touch' you'll have with your ambassadors after they are accepted to your program. It is both a "congratulations" email, as well as an opportunity for you to provide your ambassadors with next steps and/or more information about the program they just joined.

When it is sent: When you approve an ambassador to join your program. You can read more here about how to approve ambassadors manually (or here for how to automatically accept ambassadors).

Import Notification

The import notification email is what is sent to your imported ambassadors (in other words, the ambassadors that don't fill out your application form, but instead are added through the import process). You could use this email to tell your newly imported ambassadors about what Buzzbassador is, why you are importing them to this system, or if they're completely new, you can use it just like you use the application accepted email (to inform them about the program they just joined).

When it is sent: When you import ambassadors using the import function. You can read more here about how to import ambassadors.

Application received

The application received email is what is sent to your ambassador applicants when they submit their application (before it is accepted or declined). It is basically just a way to let your ambassador applicants know that their application was submitted successfully, and that you will be getting back to them soon with an update.

When it is sent: When an ambassador applicant submits an application form successfully.

Application rejected

The application rejected email is what is sent to your ambassador applicants when you decide to reject (AKA "decline") their application to join your program. This is the email that is letting them know the ~bad news~ that they are unable to join your program. Make sure to let them down easy!

When it is sent: When you reject an ambassador applicant's application.

How do I edit the emails (using templates)?

The process for choosing a template for each email and editing it is the exact same editor that is used for the landing page. So, if you know how to work the landing page editor (from step 6), you also know how to work the email template editor! Woohoo!

That's it! As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at, or send us an instant chat from the bottom right corner of your app window.

And with that, you should have all the information you need to get your email templates set up and ready to go!

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