You can quickly send out company updates to your shareholders and employees using the Announcements feature.

A lot of our customers find this an awesome tool for sending out regular shareholder updates. Particularly companies that have gone through a CSF campaign, this is the tool for you!

Key features of this tool -

  • This feature facilitates one-way communication only

  • Announcements will be displayed to investors and employees through their Cake investor portfolio but will also be sent to them as an email

  • The email containing the announcement will be sent to everyone, regardless of if they have signed up to Cake

  • The email will be sent from a 'no-reply' Cake email so we recommend adding a reply email address at the bottom of your announcement

  • The sender will display as your company name

Watch a 4 minute video below running through the Announcements feature on Cake or alternatively, scroll for some quick instructions on sending an announcement -

To send an announcement,

  1. Go to Communication

  2. Click New announcement

  3. In the 'Send to' field, select individual contacts you would like to send the announcement to, or alternatively, choose a Group of contacts to send it to.

  4. Enter the Subject of the announcement - this will also be the Subject of the subsequent email that is sent

  5. Type your message in the relevant field

  6. Click Send

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