You can gain access to CampusKnot by:

Before activating your access code from the bookstore

Make sure you visit CampusKnot from a web browser on a computer, iPad, or tablet. In-app sign-ups are not allowed.

Redeem an access code from a campus bookstore

This option is only available to Mississippi State University, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, and Iowa State University students.

Step 1: Once you've successfully logged in, a pop-up page with a course code option will come up. Select "skip to payment"

Step 2: Enter your 11-digit CampusKnot access code that starts with the words 'BULK.' After inputting your access code click "Apply code."

Step 3: Once your code is submitted, you must agree to our CampusKnot Terms to finish your access and select 'Continue' once you're done.

What's next? Join a course

  • If your instructor invited you through an email invitation, there are no further steps for you to take.

⚠️ Important: If you have received multiple access codes from the bookstore, you only have to input one of your access codes during sign-up/log-in. The rest of the unused codes are automatically associated with your account.

Next Steps:

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