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Create a CampusKnot Account & Get Started (Students)
Create a CampusKnot Account & Get Started (Students)

A complete guide to learn how to sign up and create an account as a student

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Welcome to CampusKnot πŸŽ‰! Remember, in-app sign-ups are not allowed. Before starting, visit CampusKnot from a web browser on a computer, iPad, or tablet.

Step 1: Create an account or log in

Watch the video πŸ‘‡ to get the steps to create an account or log in

  1. Access your account:

  2. To create an account, select the 'Student' option and input your first and last name.

  3. Add your school .edu/.ca email address. Alternate email domains are not supported during sign-up (,,

  4. Select a campus. This option can take a few seconds.

    • ⚠️ If you do not see a campus option after inputting a .edu/.ca email address, please email us at

  5. Input a password, and follow the on-screen password guidelines.

  6. Check your school email to verify your account. Check your junk email or spam folder if you do not get a verification email. This is what a verification email looks like πŸ‘‡

Step 2: Join a course

There are two ways you can join a class inside CampusKnot. Watch the video πŸ‘‡ and get the steps.

Option 1: Join with an email invitation: If you received an email invitation from your instructor, click 'Take me to my group.' After logging in, you'll see the course on your CampusKnot course page.

Option 2: Join using a Course code: This 8-digit code can be found in the course syllabus or course homepage. You can only join a course after creating and verifying an account.

Step 3: Select a subscription

If you are still waiting to see a subscription page after signing up, remember CampusKnot is giving a 7-day free trial period starting on the first day of classes at your institution.

You can check the end date of your free trial by accessing CampusKnot from a web browser on a computer, iPad, or tablet πŸ‘‡.

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