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How to redeem an 11-digit access code inside CampusKnot?
How to redeem an 11-digit access code inside CampusKnot?

Sign up and redeem your access code

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Redeeming an 11-digit access code from your campus bookstore is only available at:

  1. Marquette University

  2. The University of Alabama

  3. The University of Alberta

Heads up💡: If you do not see a subscription page right after signing up, it's because we are offering a free trial period starting on the first day of classes. You can check the start and end date of the trial by accessing CampusKnot from a computer, iPad, or tablet web browser.


  1. Make sure you have created a CampusKnot account. Don't forget in-app sign-ups are not allowed.

  2. Copy/paste your access code

  3. Make sure you're logged in on a computer, tablet, or iPad web browser. You'll not be able to redeem your access code from the mobile application.

  4. Visit your profile section.

3. Select 'Subscription' > 'Subscribe'.

4. Input your 11-digit code that starts with the words BULK.

5. Click on the 'Apply code' button ( ‼️ DO NOT REFRESH YOUR PAGE).

6. Agree to the terms of use and select the 'Submit Payment' option.

7. To join a class, follow these steps.

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