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Redeem a bookstore access code on CampusKnot
Redeem a bookstore access code on CampusKnot

Sign up and redeem your access code

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  1. Create a CampusKnot account if you haven't done so yet. Note that sign-ups and purchases within the mobile app are not supported. Create an account following the steps here.

  2. Ensure you have access to the 11-digit code from your bookstore. This code will start with the letters BULK or BULA.

  3. Log in using a web browser on a computer, tablet, or iPad. You cannot redeem your access code via the mobile app.

  4. Visit your profile section.

5. Select 'Subscription' > 'Subscribe'.

6. Type your 11-digit code.

7. Click the 'Apply code' button (Avoid refreshing or reloading the page, as this will invalidate your code).

8. Agree to the terms of use and select the 'Submit Payment' option.

9. To join a class, follow these steps.

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