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How to confirm images in Caption Pro.

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Confirming images is an important step in the Caption Pro workflow. 

Confirming an image serves three purposes: 

  1. To automatically add additional reference faces to a record of a person to further improve facial recognition accuracy for you.*

  2. To lock in the names of that person. 

  3. To better organise images you are happy with.

The reason point two is so important is because if you have the correct name for someone selected, but you then add their twin for instance, it might automatically change person A's name to their twin's (if the software thinks they look more like them than their own reference images). 

This will only happen for unconfirmed images, so to prevent this, be sure to confirm images as you go. 

* If you wish to override the setting in point 1 and stop the automatic addition of reference faces to confirmed images then you must change the 'set reference faces on image confirmation' toggle in the 'facial recognition' tab of the project settings here:

Correctly Naming People

In order to make sure you have the correct names for the people in your image we have included a number of different functions. 

When you first use the software, and you don't yet have anyone in your personal database there will be no reference images available for you to compare the selected face to the suggested name. 

Any recommendations from the Caption Pro database will look like this:

The % score in the bottom right corner of a reference image is just an indicator of how much of a match the software thinks the reference image is to the selected face.

This score should not be relied upon by the user and it is recommended that users make use of other tools to correctly identify who is in the image.

If you want to check that the suggested person is in fact the person you have selected, you can press the hotkey 'L' or click 'search the web' to bring up a google image search for the suggested celebrity:

The comparison between the selected face and the suggested name will become easier to make when you have confirmed images of people. 

When you are satisfied that the names of the people in your image are displaying correctly in the name bar (the list of names underneath the selected image) you can then 'confirm' them. This is done by either right clicking on the image(s) and pressing 'confirm' or clicking the keyboard shortcut 's' with the image(s) selected. Confirming an image will apply the 'confirmed' label to the thumbnail and it will then be classified as a 'confirmed' image when the library is being filtered by workflow stage as is shown in this section of the image library:

Every time you confirm any images with a named person in, the image of the named person's face gets added to their reference pool as you can see in the example below:

If you'd like to find out more about person and database management please read our guide on Editing People

Confirmed images can be unconfirmed again by pressing the keyboard shortcut 'u' for the selected image(s) or by right clicking a selected image and pressing "Unconfirm". 

Confirmed images will still be affected by project wide metadata changes, they just wont be affected by potentially conflicting new face information. 

It is worth noting that confirmed images will be affected by deleting a person form your (or the global) database, so be sure to export any affected images before deleting any relevant names from your database if necessary. 

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If are stuck with anything or want to get in touch, read our support article for more info. 

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