Nordisk e-handel integration

Connect your Nordisk e-handel store to Cevoid

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Create an account at Cevoid

  1. Create an account for your store

  2. Follow the onboarding guide

Create an API user for Cevoid

  1. Navigate to the admin panel in Nordisk e-handel

  2. Click Butik

  3. Click API

  4. Click Ny API användare

  5. Enter the username and password provided in Cevoid's onboarding guide

  6. Give the API user the following READ rights

    1. brand

    2. category

    3. picture

    4. price list

    5. product

  7. Navigate back to Cevoid and enter your store URL

All API rights are needed to activate the connection between Nordisk e-handel and Cevoid.

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