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WooCommerce integration

Connect your Woocommerce store to Cevoid

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To be able to use Cevoid in your WooCommerce store, Cevoid needs to be authorized to read your product data.

Ensure you are logged in to your WooCommerce store before connecting your account.

Connect Cevoid to your WooCommerce store

  1. Navigate to and create an account

  2. In the onboarding guide, select WooCommerce as your E-commerce platform

  3. Click Connect

  4. Enter the URL to your store and make sure that the default switch is active.

  5. Once you press the connect button you will be redirected to your Woocommerce store where it's telling you "Cevoid would like to connect to your store".

    1. Click Approve, and you will be redirected back to the Cevoid platform.

  6. If everything worked as expected, you will see that we are connected and currently syncing your products.

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