Our Feeds feature allows you to generate XML feeds filled with all your collected user-generated content to display in dynamic product ads (DPA) on Google, Facebook or other solutions.

It's super easy to get started and all it takes are a few steps to create your feeds!

Follow these 4 steps

  1. Collect content from social channels, customers and your community and store it all in Cevoid.

  2. Create or export an XML product feed for your catalogue. These are easy to create for any e-commerce system. Get in touch with your e-commerce provider or find a suitable feed provider like Channable for example.

  3. Create a Cevoid Feed with your product feed as a base.

  4. Import the Cevoid Feed to Facebook, Google Merchant center or any other ad platform where XML feeds are allowed

  • You can create how many feeds you want for different types of campaigns

  • Only active feeds are updated daily, feeds in draft are not

  • Feeds is only available on the Business plan

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