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Learn how to navigate the different settings for your Feeds

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Creating your first feed is simple, we enter most the settings for you to create the optimal feed, but to help you understand the different options we have written this guide for you.



Name of your feed to remember what you are using it for, set a clear name.


Which channel are you going to use your feed for? Facebook, Google or a custom output? Each channel have requirements of how the feeds are formatted and require certain fields to exist in order to be valid for the end platform.

Unique identifier

Select what field we should use as unique identifier for your different products. We will use this value to map content to your products.

If you're using a feed solution for your markets in Cevoid, use the same value here as for your market feeds.

Source feed URL

This is the most important input for your feed as it sets the base for your output is going to look. Select a source feed that want to fill with more images. After entering a URL to your feed, verify it and see if all mandatory fields exist.

Password protected

If your source feed is protected with a username and password you can toggle this value and enter the credentials below for us to be able to access your feed.


These are mostly optional settings and can be changed anytime for any feed.

Number of posts per product

As the name suggests, you can select how many UGC posts you want to include in the field per product. Google has a limit of 10 additional images per product while Facebook has 20. Note that video is NOT supported.

Exclude products without posts

Enabling this option will remove any product from the feed that does not have any UGC related to it. This will set the product coverage to 100%.

Limit posts by date

Perfect for you when you only want to include the latest UGC in your ads. Setting a date using the date picker limits the posts that the feed includes by only using posts that are newer than the set date.

If we decide to add more settings in the future we will add them here. If you have suggestions on settings you'd like. Send you feedback to us through the chat.

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