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Are Your Employees at the Jobsite? (Video 1:53)
Are Your Employees at the Jobsite? (Video 1:53)

Be confident your employees are on the jobsite, and you’ll know when they’re not

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Wouldn't you like certainty that your employees are clocking in at the jobsite and not the drive-thru hamburger joint down the street? What if, as an extra door prize, we alerted you when your employees leave the jobsite while still on the clock?

TimeTiles Ensure Employees Clock In at the Job Site

You can have it with our exclusive Time Tiles™ paired with proprietary GPS tracking.

Think of TimeTiles™ as affordable 21st-century wall-mounted time card clocks - but connected to the cloud and without paper timesheets!

TimeTiles™ are location-coded, tamper-resistant PVC tiles posted at your jobsite locations. Employees clock in and out by tapping their phones to a TimeTile - as simple as paying for your groceries.

Employees must be at the jobsite to clock in. If they leave while still on the clock, our proprietary GPS tracking will let you know. Check out this quick video for more information.

Video of TimeTiles™

The Ultimate GPS Time Clock App

Read more about how Pro guarantees on-site attendance with The Ultimate GPS Time Clock App.

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