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Raiser's Edge NXT - Civic Champs Integration
Raiser's Edge NXT - Civic Champs Integration

Follow along with step-by-step instructions to sync your Civic Champs volunteer data with your donors in Raiser's Edge NXT.

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The Civic Champs Raiser's Edge NXT integration allows the rich information that Civic Champs is collecting on volunteers to flow directly and automatically to Raiser's Edge and appear on custom tiles on home dashboard and constituent profiles.

Get started by searching for Civic Champs in your Blackbaud Marketplace here.

You can find a step-by-step setup guide here.

The integration consists of the following elements:

  • Raiser’s Edge Add-ins or Tiles

    • Home tile -> This will display Civic Champs organization summaries on the Raiser’s Edge home page

    • Constituent tile -> This will display related Civic Champs Volunteer information right on your Constituent’s record in Raiser’s Edge NXT

  • Constituent Sync

    • Sync new and/or updated Constituent information from Civic Champs into Raiser’s Edge NXT

    • Sync Volunteering Activities from Civic Champs to Raiser’s Edge NXT Custom Fields/Attributes

  • Volunteer Import

    • Run an initial once off import of Constituents from Raiser’s Edge NXT into Civic Champs

Check out this video for step-by-step instructions on connecting Civic Champs and Raiser's Edge NXT:

Follow the instructions here to set up your constituent sync and choose the volunteer details you would like to sync from Civic Champs:

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