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Civic Champs to Salsa Engage Integration
Civic Champs to Salsa Engage Integration

Follow along with step-by-step instructions to sync your Civic Champs volunteers with your Salsa Supporters.

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Our bi-directional integration with Salsa Engage allows you to sync volunteer information from Civic Champs to your CRM. Learn more about this integration and our partners here.

Follow along with the video below:

To set up your Salsa sync, begin by navigating to the admin dashboard Settings tab. Then find your Salsa Integration tab. If you do not see this tab, contact Customer Support.

Collect your Salsa API Key by following the link above the API Key field.

Then collect your Group ID by clicking the i button next to the Group ID field and following the link to your Groups in Salsa. Select the static group you would like to sync and copy the Group ID (section appearing in bold below) from the url:

Click Connect to start the sync from Civic Champs to Salsa. This may take a few minutes depending on the size of your volunteer list. Your volunteer information in Civic Champs will now automatically sync into Salsa.

Click Sync to manually sync your data from Salsa to Civic Champs.

Have questions? Contact Customer Success.

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