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How Would I Create a Questionnaire For Mentors & Mentees?
How Would I Create a Questionnaire For Mentors & Mentees?
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You can create mentorship questionnaires for programs within your organization. These questionnaires are customizable according to your program needs. Questionnaires can be created for mentors and/or mentees to respond to after check-ins and meetings.

To create a questionnaire, select the yellow add button.

You will be taken to the New questionnaire page. Here, you can enter the name of your new questionnaire. Tip: When creating a questionnaire be sure to indicate if the questionnaire is

To add additional questions to your questionnaire, select Add New Question.

Next, select the question type from the types listed in the dropdown. Short text questions allow for short responses, long text questions allow for longer responses, multiple choice questions allow you to choose more than one answer, dropdown questions show a list of answers where only one can be selected, single choice questions also only allow you to select one answer but from only two choices, and number questions which only allow a number to be entered.

To delete a question from a questionnaire, click on the delete question button.

To make changes to a question, select the pencil icon to edit a question.

To duplicate a question you have created, select the duplicate icon.

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