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What Is a Program and How Do I Create One?
What Is a Program and How Do I Create One?
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The Programs tab assists with the organization of different mentorships you manage. Programs can be created for a myriad of program types such as a school year, after-school program, and summer mentoring program. Note: you must create your questionnaire sets for your mentors/mentees prior to creating your programs. When creating a new survey set for your mentors or mentees, that survey set should correspond with a new program.

To begin, navigate to the Programs tab and select the yellow Add button to create a new program.

Enter the program name and status. Active status will make your program live on the app, while a Draft status will not make your program live so you can make edits to your surveys or program details as needed.

You will also be able to select the dates for when you would like your program to start and end (if applicable). You can also provide a program description. After you have filled out all the necessary information, select Create New Program, where you will then be directed to the Configure Surveys Page.

On the Configure Surveys page, you will see a drop-down for the question set. If you have a set of surveys you would like the mentors of the program to answer, select the surveys from the Mentor Question Set drop-down. Similarly, if you have a set of surveys you would like the mentees of the program to answer, select the corresponding surveys from the Mentee Question Set drop-down.

Once you have made the selection for your program, select Set Surveys, and your new program will be created within your Programs tab.

Now your Program has been created!

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