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June 2023 Product Update #1
June 2023 Product Update #1
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Your Mentoring Works dashboard has a new tab!

Introducing our latest addition to the Mentoring Works dashboard - the Tags tab! Easily manage and categorize your mentorship matches by adding tags.

Tagging Tips

Reflect on the attributes of your mentorship matches - do you have virtual and in-person mentoring? Would you like to categorize your matches by location or status?

  1. Navigate to the Tags tab under Setup.*

  2. Add a New Tag: Choose your tag name and color, then hit Save.

  3. Navigate to your Matches tab and add your Tag as you create a new match or edit an existing match.

  4. Filter the Matches table by tags.

* Please note: You must be a Super Admin in order to view the Setup tab. If you do not see the Setup tab, contact your organization super admin to be granted access.

Watch the video below to learn more about using Tags:

๐Ÿ“ŒPro tip: If you do not see the new updates, logout and back in to your admin dashboard and clear your browsing history!

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