Video: Record your first claap

Start a recording

You can start recording by clicking on:

  1. Claap Chrome extension in your Chrome bar

  2. + New claap button in the lateral bar.

  3. Record a claap on the Claap Widget

This displays the extension popup. From top to bottom, you have many options in the pop-up to configure your recording:

  1. Claap app: Open the Claap app by clicking on the Claap logo.

  2. Inbox: Access your Inbox by clicking on the Inbox icon.

  3. Workspace: Select the workspace in which you want to record your claap. Note that this option is only available when you have many workspaces.

  4. Name: Add a name to your claap.

  5. Topic: Categorize your claap in a topic. You can select an existing topic or create a new one.

  6. Configure your recording settings:

    • Screen and Camera: Records your screen and camera

    • Camera only: Only records your camera (full screen)

    • Screen only: Only records your screen

  7. Video and Microphone sources: Select video and microphone sources. By default, your built-in webcam and microphone are selected.

Once satisfied with your settings, click Record claap to display the screen selector.

💡 Your settings are automatically saved for your next recording.

Select the screen to record

Once here, Chrome displays a popup window to select the screen to be recorded. You can record:

  • Entire screen: Your entire screen.

  • Window: A specific window of your desktop.

  • Chrome tab: A specific Chrome tab. Make sure to tick the checkbox “Share tab audio” when you want to record the sound of the tab.

Once you click on the Share button, you are prompted by a 3 seconds Countdown. Once the countdown is over, relax, breathe, and... this is it! You’re recording!

💡Please note you can't record the extension overlay/self-camera when you are recording a different application other than the Chrome browser.

Control your recording experience

An extension overlay is displayed at the bottom left of the screen during the recording. It provides options to control the recording:

  • Filters: Apply one of the available filters to your camera

  • Fullscreen: Switch to camera only

  • Close camera: Switch to screen only

  • Stop the recording lets you Delete, Restart or Save your recording

  • Pause the recording. You can then resume the recording by clicking again on the button.

  • Add a comment lets you add a comment with the following steps:

    • Select a specific zone of the screen with a drag and drop

    • Type your comment in the comment box that just appeared

    • Save your comment

✍️ Important notes:

  • The video recording is paused when you add a comment and automatically resumes when the comment is saved.

  • Recording controls – e.g. live commenting on a claap – only work when sharing a Chrome window or tab. When recording another application, you need to add your comments after finishing the recording.

  • The extension overlay/self-camera can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the screen, before and during the recording.

Keyboard shortcuts

Add a comment: Ctrl + Shift + C

Stop the recording: Ctrl + Shift + Enter

Pause the recording: Ctrl + Shift + Space

Save your claap video

Once you’re done with your recording, click on the Stop recording button and Save it. This redirects you to the Claap app where you can review your claap and share it with teammates.

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