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Workspace members can configure video privacy settings to give the appropriate access to the right people. Workspace Admins can also restrict or set defaults for the entire workspace. To learn more about roles and permissions, check out this article.

Workspace privacy settings

Disable public links: Admins of a workspace can disable public links for the workspace. This will prevent the ability to share topics and claaps with anyone on the internet using a public link.

Default link privacy: Admins can also set the default link sharing option for new topics and claaps (private or public).

Both options are available in Workspace settings > Security tab:

Topic privacy settings

There are different ways to share topics with your team and guests. Learn more about it in this dedicated article.

Claap video privacy settings

Claap videos have by default the same access rights as the topic they belong to. If a topic is set to public, any claap added to that topic will be public; if the topic is private, any new claap added to that topic will be set to private.

⚠️ Important note: if a topic is public, you cannot change the privacy of an individual claap video to private. All claap videos on a public topic will be public too. If a topic is private you can, however, change the privacy of an individual claap to public.

In some cases, you might want to ensure people with access to a claap can see that claap only and not all the claaps within the same topic. To do so, you need to set the topic link to Private, which sets all children claaps to Private by cascading rights.

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