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How to upload documents to your ClassCover profile
How to upload documents to your ClassCover profile

Upload your CV, Certificates and other files to your ClassCover profile.

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To upload documents to your ClassCover profile, please click on your name found at the top right-hand side of the website then click on My Profile:

Scroll down to the bottom. Under 'Additional documents', upload your CV. Click on the '+' symbol. (See image below)

Note: You may upload additional files (CV, Certificates etc,) on this field.

Click on 'Upload a File' and browse through your computer files to find the file you wish to upload.

Please indicate the name of the file you will upload and add a description to help the school identify what type of document was attached to your profile.

Once done, click 'Save Changes' button.

You may also update or edit the current documents you have in your profile. You may do this by clicking on the pencil icon on the right-hand side of the document.

Important: We are unable to identify if your certificates are expired or not. It is up to you to remember the expiration dates and to constantly update your files on your profile.

If you are experiencing any issues uploading the file. For example, the files are not getting uploaded or your profile is not saving, you may need to double-check the required fields in your profile in case you missed any before saving it.

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