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How to apply for jobs on ClassCover Jobs
How to apply for jobs on ClassCover Jobs
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We have recently launched ClassCover Jobs, giving you access to more work opportunities.

Schools not only have the ability to post a call out for casual teachers to apply to be on their list, but can also post for full time, part time, contract tutors and more!

What to expect when applying for roles through ClassCover jobs

Schools will be able to see the cover letter you have uploaded and have the ability to view your full ClassCover profile, so make sure its updated.

If you applied to be added to a school's casual list

The school will have the option to auto add you after viewing your profile. Please make sure your availability is up to date and you have a complete profile with your CV and references.

You will get an email notification when this happens.

If you applied for all other role types

The school will then have your application and will reach out to you through their regular methods. They will have your contact details from your profile to get in touch.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to apply for jobs on ClassCover Jobs on the web version

  1. Log in to your ClassCover profile using a computer.

  2. Click on the JOBS Tab found at the top part of the website page and select NEW OPPORTUNITIES.

3. Open job postings will be automatically posted based on your location.

4. You may also find a Job Posting based on the Job Title, School level, Job Type and Radius. Just simply enter or select your preferred filter.

5. Click on VIEW JOB to get more details about the Job Posting and apply.

6. Upload a Cover letter or a cover letter with a CV attached if you don't have your CV attached to your profile. Click on APPLY FOR THIS JOB.

7. Once you've applied successfully, you will see a confirmation at the top

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