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Teacher Verification - NSW Only
Not verified on ClassCover – Not matched (NSW only)
Not verified on ClassCover – Not matched (NSW only)
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If you are seeing ‘Not Verified’ on your teacher profile and a message saying ‘not matched’, this means your details haven’t matched with the NSW Department of Education’s data and your details can’t be found. You will need to check and re-submit your details in order to fix this.

What to do if the details you have sent have errors

Need info on what they can do to re-send and how they can check what they have sent already

You can log in to ClassCover and go to “My Profile”. Hit edit and scroll down to the section titled “Verify your profile with NSW Department of Education” and hit "Update”.

A pop up will appear where you need to complete your details. Please make sure they are the same as those that appear with the NSW Department of Education.

You can also find this section on your ClassCover profile.

To get further assistance, please raise a support ticket via or contact EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32.

Other reasons why you might be seeing ‘Not verified’

It may be because you are either not an accredited teacher (such as an SLSO or EA), or your accreditation has lapsed.

If you do receive employment through ClassCover and you are not an accredited teacher, you can learn more about what this status means for you here.

What to do if your accreditation has lapsed?

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