NSW Public Schools can now filter and locate teachers who are approved by the NSW Department of Education to participate in the COVID intensive learning support program.

Add these teachers to your list via Find New Teachers

You can find these approved teachers with the tag ‘Educator (teacher)’ or 'Educator (non Teacher)' and filter to find these teachers by clicking the ‘Small Group Tutoring’ check box in the Find New Teachers search filters. You can also see teachers with this tag in your school’s ‘My Teachers list’.

What does 'Educator (non Teacher) mean?

These are educators that don't have teaching accreditation as they may be Uni students, retired teachers or professional tutors. All of these educators have been approved by the NSW Department of Education.

Post a job ad for approved teachers to apply to your school through ClassCover Jobs

You can post a job ad for these teachers to apply to be a part of your schools program. When teachers apply, you will be able to see at a glance, those who have the tag and are approved by the NSW Department of Education.

Please note: This feature is for NSW Department of Education schools only

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