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Rotation Statuses: Student Rotations Page

What Action is Needed on Rotations in Various Statuses

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After reading this article you will understand...

  • Rotation Statuses

    • Unsubmitted

    • Pending Application Verification

    • Pending Clinical Site

    • Waitlisted

    • Paused

    • Onboarding

    • Ready

    • Active

    • Offboarding

    • Completed

    • Closed

  • Changing Rotation Dates

Rotation Statuses

If a rotation is in unsubmitted status, an application has been started but not yet completed and submitted to the clinical site. Once all requirements for the application are complete- it can be saved and submitted to the clinical site for consideration.

If a rotation is in pending application verification status, an application has been submitted and one or more step(s) require manual review by a staff member at the clinical site. If you're one of the staff members eligible to verify steps, you'll see a purple badge icon, indicating there are steps on a rotation to be verified by you.

If a rotation in is pending clinical site status, any application steps requiring verification have been verified, and the rotation is waiting on final approval from the clinical site to accept, deny or waitlist the student.

If a rotation is in waitlisted status, the clinical site has accepted another student for the rotation, but in the event of a cancellation, waitlisted applications may be considered and reopened.

If a rotation is in paused status, the rotation has been accepted, but is not actively taking place. A rotation in paused status may be resumed or closed at a later time.

When a rotation is in onboarding status, it means the rotation has been accepted by the clinical site and steps requiring completion prior to the rotation are assigned. Students, faculty members, school coordinators, and clinical site staff may all be responsible for completing certain steps in this status. Rotations with a yellow badge mean there are one or more steps you can complete for the rotation.

Rotations with a red badge mean there are one or more steps outstanding, with the rotation starting in two weeks or less:

When your rotation is in ready status, all parties have completed and verified the required steps in order for the student to be ready for the rotation to begin.

When a rotation is in active status, the rotation is currently taking place.

Once the end date of a rotation is reached, if any offboarding steps apply, it will move into offboarding status for steps to be completed.

After all offboarding steps are finished, it will move into completed status.

If a rotation is in closed status, the reason for closure can be referenced at the top of the rotation details page.

Changing Rotation Dates

Find the Rotation on the Rotations Page

Select the New Dates

  • Then, select the new dates (and optional daily schedule if necessary)

  • Lastly, click the Propose changes button on the top right

This will prompt the student or school coordinator to accept the changes to the rotation dates. You'll be notified when the changes are accepted.

Have more questions? Please reach out by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen from 8am-6pm CT, Mon-Fri.

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