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Clinical Site: Advanced Settings Overview
Clinical Site: Advanced Settings Overview

Configure Additional Standardized Settings for Entire Organization

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Note: Advanced settings will only be visible/configurable for users with an Administrator (Admin) role in Clinician Nexus.

After reading this article you will be able to...

  • Set Up and Edit Advanced Settings

  • Enable Hour Logging

  • Enable Slot Confirmation or Release

  • Create Standardized Service List

  • Choose to View Services/Opportunities Tab

  • Allow or Restrict Staff From Requesting Your Organization

  • Create Location Custom Fields

  • Audit Retention

Set Up and Edit Advanced Settings

  • Click Settings from your left navigation menu

  • Click Advanced settings from the left submenu

Enable Hour Logging

In order to turn on hour logging for your students, adjust hour logging settings under the Rotations heading.

When turned on, there will also be the option to include hours verification by a supervisor. If turned off, all logged hours will automatically show as verified. After selecting your verification preference, you may also choose which disciplines hour logging should be turned on for. Please make sure to click Save at the bottom when you are done configuring.

Note: Both clinical sites and schools can turn on hour logging

Enable Slot Confirmation or Release

Under the Opportunities heading, toggle on to allow schools to claim all the slots granted, or if there are some not needed, release slots back to the clinical site for other students to schedule onto.

Create Standardized Service List

Under the Services heading, determine whether staff will be allowed to add a service by any name, or if they should be required to select from a pre-determined list previously set up in this section.

This is how services will appear for coordinators to add if you choose to require the list view:

Choose to View Services/Opportunities Tab

Under Navigation, allow your organization to utilize the opportunities tab, services tab or both. If you select only one, the other will be removed from the left navigation menu.

Allow or Restrict Staff From Requesting Your Organization

Under the Staff heading, allow new staff members to request access to your organization when signing up. If you select yes, the staff members will appear in pending staff in the staff section for an admin to approve. If you select no, an admin will need to invite them first by clicking add staff.

Create Location Custom Fields

Under Location custom fields, require staff to fill out an additional field when adding a location such as a website link, contact, or other internal identifier.

Add a label and type of field, and preview what it will look like for staff adding locations on the far right side. Click Add field when complete and Save changes at the bottom of the Advanced settings page.

Audit Retention

Under Audit retention, determine the amount of time the organization retains data logs.

Have more questions? Please reach out by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen from 8am-6pm CT, Mon-Fri.

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