When composing a new message or opening an existing message template, you will be presented with the following interface. Here's an overview of how each message setting works:

Template Name

The template name is only required if you wish to save your subject and message for future use.


Click on the To field to select the audience (Resident Contact or Staff), facility, and unit(s) you are looking to target, then click Apply.

NOTE: The application only allows you to target one facility at a time when sending to Resident Contacts. You can send to all of your facilities one by one in sequential order if you have access to multiple facilities.


Enter a subject line for your message. The subject will be added to messages as follows:


  • “This is a message from [Facility Name]. Please Press 1.”

  • Family contact presses #1

  • “This is a message from [Facility Name] regarding: [Subject]”

Text (SMS)

  • “This is a message from [Facility Name] regarding: [Subject].”


  • Notice from [Facility Name]: [Subject]

Message Content

Click the Message box and type, copy-paste, or modify, the content you wish to include in your communication.

You can also make use of Variable Tags to automatically insert the facility or unit names in your message. By inserting these variables, the message will change depending on which facility/unit the resident is associated with in PointClickCare.

What's Next?

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