All messages sent via Automated Care Messaging will automatically be tracked, logged, and stored for future review. There are two ways to access this information: through reports sent to you via email or through communication logs stored in residents’ charts if you are a PointClickCare EHR user.

Requesting Email Reports

To request the most up-to-date version of a message sent to a group of resident family contacts:

  • Navigate to the Main Menu

  • Select the Sent option

  • Choose the corresponding message,

  • Click on the Report icon

  • Input your email (or multiple emails - comma separated)

  • Click Send

Within a few minutes, you will receive the requested information via email.

Note: if a message was recently sent, some of the communications with resident family members may still be in progress and therefore may not be included in the report. The report will give you a snapshot at the time it was requested. For a more up-to-date report at a later date, simply re-request the report via email again.

Accessing Communication Records in PointClickCare Resident Charts

If you are a PointClickCare EHR user, and Communication Logs have been configured by your Organization, then all messages sent by Cliniconex will be automatically tracked. You can find records of past messages in each resident’s chart under the Misc (or Documents) tab of a resident’s profile in PointClickCare.

To access the communication records related to a resident:

  • Open a resident’s chart

  • Click on the Misc tab (or Documents)

  • Then click on a communication log to see a preview

Note: For easy access, you may need to use the Display Filter option to select the Cliniconex document type.

**NEW** Printing Messages

If you need a physical copy of any communication record, sent messages are available in print-friendly formats. To print, simply:

· Navigate to the Main Menu

· Select the Sent option

· Choose the corresponding message

· Click on the Printable Version

· Click Print

Printer-friendly messages are designed to fit on an 8.5"x11" or A4 sheet and include only the content (plain text and images) of the message, along with relevant message source information.

Printer-friendly messages can also be used for electronic storage by printing as a PDF (rather than selecting a printer).

What's Next?

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