Use the information on this page to help you identify which of our integrated payment processors fits your business best.

Integrated with Waivers* - With a Stripe account you can collect payment information via Clubworx Waivers. This allows new members to sign up and pay online and be billed automatically. Learn more about Waivers.

Book and Pay** - With an IntegraPay account you can create Book and Pay events. This means you can enable members to purchase memberships while booking straight into events. Payment information does not get stored for later use. This feature is best used with special events that require payment to participate and is not a recurring payment. Learn more about the Book and Pay feature.

Stripe Integration Fee*** - Clubworx will collect 24¢ per transaction in addition to the Stripe fees of 2.9% + 30¢.

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For questions about how an automated payment integration will work for your business please book a free strategy session with us here: 

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