Adding Consent Clauses For User Invites to UK Gyms

Give your users an opportunity to provide you consent to store their personal data when you invite them to access Clubworx

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Clubworx allows you to define one or more consent clauses that will display on the form that users see to accept an invite to access your Clubworx account. When added, they are mandatory check boxes that display just above the submit button on this form. 

Please see steps below on adding your consent clause/s:

1. Click on ADMIN then select Consent Clause

2. On the Manage Consent Clauses page, click on Add Clause

3. Next you will need to (as below): 

(a) Select New User Invitation
(b) Add your consent clause copy (please note Clubworx does not provide any copy for this, you must source this independantly). You can add hyperlinks to other policy documents as well if you need to in this text box.
(c) Switch to Enabled

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